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Arno Barthelmes Zella-Mehlis GmbH

Barthelme's tuning fork set c1 to c2

Barthelme's tuning fork set c1 to c2

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  • Made in Germany
  • Guaranteed individual item testing
  • Handcrafted according to 100 years of family tradition
  • selected vibration steel, matt nickel-plated and brushed

The tuning fork blanks are made from a block of special steel using the latest CNC milling technology. Further processing is carried out by hand according to a 100-year family tradition. All forks are tuned, ground and polished several times during the production process, just as our family has been producing with the highest precision in tradition for over 135 years. At the end, the frequency is checked again and only then does each tuning fork receive the Barthelmes seal of quality and approval for sale.

The set includes: c1 256 Hz, d1 288 Hz, e1 320 Hz, f1 314.3 Hz, 384 Hz, a1 426.6 Hz, h1 480 Hz, c2 512 Hz,

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