Collection: Medicine tuning forks - Barthelmes tuning forks since 1884

Barthelme's tuning forks are present in the areas of medicine, therapeutic purposes, sound massage, sound acupuncture, scientific purposes, school, music, bell testing and organ building. It's an important one Instrument for the medical field for the representation of acoustic phenomena in ENT medicine/phonlatrical practice and in neurology. The tones are named according to the established grading system. The normal basic tuning is a1 440 Hz. Other basic oscillations are possible. Other tuning forks are manufactured in the frequency range from 16 Hz to 5000 Hz.

Your advantages when purchasing a Barthelmes tuning fork:

  1. Guaranteed individual item testing
  2. short delivery times
  3. selected special materials
  4. long oscillation duration
  5. high sound purity
  6. lasting sound stability
  7. Manufactured in accordance with the European Regulation 2017/745 – EU-MDR
  8. Made in Germany