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Arno Barthelmes Zella-Mehlis GmbH

Barthelmes tuning fork Sidereal Month Wellness 227.43 Hz

Barthelmes tuning fork Sidereal Month Wellness 227.43 Hz

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  • Handcrafted according to 135 years of family tradition in Germany's oldest tuning fork factory
  • Minimize finger fatigue during prolonged use thanks to optimal handle length
  • Precise vibration introduction through round handle ends
  • Clearly readable labeling with the frequency and planet name
  • Guaranteed individual testing in an air-conditioned tuning room at 20° Celsius
  • Secret recipe of the historical vibration steel with 8 x 4 mm forks, shiny nickel-plated and brushed satin finish

Wellness tuning forks for everyday use

As early as 1978, the Swiss mathematician and musicologist Hans Custo used octaves to calculate the tones of the earth, moon and planets so that they could be detected by the human ear. Each of our organs and our entire organism vibrates in one of these frequencies. The therapeutic tuning forks of the cosmic octave are ideal for harmonizing and constantly being in harmony. The forks, individually hand-tuned with the utmost precision and honor from our family, are the cornerstone for successful therapy courses and the harmony of each of our organs.

The Wellnes tuning fork type is made from a raw material, melted gong steel, which was specially developed for sound therapy in order to optimally reproduce these unique frequencies. The forks measure 8 x 4 mm and have great vibration quality and tonal stability. The handle length has been optimized and adjusted over the years in endless hours of practice together with course participants until it has now reached the optimum. For better handling and relief for your fingers during prolonged use, we have developed the clip-on cork handle as an addition and can be supplied as an option.

Our quality tuning forks are manufactured by hand following a 100-year family tradition. All forks are tuned, ground and polished several times during the production process, just as our family has been producing with the highest precision in tradition for over 135 years. At the end, the frequency is checked again and only then does each tuning fork receive the Barthelmes seal of quality and approval for sale.

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